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Glazing Clip

Glazing Clip

Glazing Clip

Glazing Clip is in simple words can be called as a metal clip that is designed to retain a pane of glass in a metal frame, while glazing compound is applied. These can be used for several purposes right from safety to superior finish all. Shree Balaji Trading Company is a renowned name in the niche you can contact for buying  Aluminium Glazing Clip in different customizations. As one of the paramount Glazing Clip Suppliers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we promise the delivery of the best quality.


Benefits Of Our Offered Glazing Clips:

  • Maintain Safety & Security: These clips are used in windows for securing the glass within the frame and prevent their slipping. Therefore, to maintain safety & security, it is important to use Glazing Clip For Windows.
  • Best For First Impression: Unlike glues used for sticking windows in the frame, these clips maintain cleanliness and give a fine finish to the final look.
  • Durable Option: These clips are highly durable and cheap to invest in. Hence, one can pick it for making the interior clean and stable for years and years.


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We are one of the preeminent Glazing Clips Exporters and Suppliers in Jaipur, Rajasthan ,India. If you have any query related to our products or their respective prices, feel free to contact us. You can also browse our other products from the website.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Window Glass With Glazing Clips:

Glazing Clips are designed to hold the frame that let glass to be staying in its position within the frame. This may increase safety and minimize their chances of falling and get broken. Moreover, they look aesthetically appealing and can enhance the overall look of the window framing and all. Therefore, you should give these clips a try.

Being one of the noted Aluminium Glazing Patti  and Clip suppliers, we are right here to serve you, as per your requirements. Call to get in touch or to know more.








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